Studies show that the longer a client is in a comprehensive treatment plan, the higher the success rates are. Treatment alone often fails to retain people suffering from substance use and mental health disorders. Even when patients complete treatment, relapse is so common it is frequently cited as a hallmark of the disorder. Treatment is only the beginning of recovery.

At Terra Firma, we specialize in constructing highly adaptive recovery plans that are specifically tailored to each individual clients needs. Our goal is to continuously support our clients and their loved ones in order to successfully re-acclimate into normal living. One size does not fit all in the treatment of individuals with co-occurring disorders, so it is our job to remain fluid in the application and strategy to give our clients the best opportunity for success.


Identifying and addressing an individuals specific needs can be daunting and exhausting for those suffering co-occurring disorders and their loved ones. Terra Firma navigates the treatment process by using clinically driven client assessments so that the appropriate treatment option can be identified immediately and accurately.

Terra Firma consultants make available our specialized expertise and professional resources to facilitate the best possible course of action for all of our clients. We look at the whole picture in order to achieve long term solutions for continued success, always taking into account individual needs and resources to create a realistic and goal orientated plan.


An intervention can often serve as a catalyst for change not only for the individual client, but also for those suffering alongside them. Terra Firma’s certified intervention professionals provide a highly individualized experience that tailors our approach to the needs of the identified client and their families. Our intervention professionals are proficient several types of interventions models, typically using a hybrid approach to best suit each case based on their highly specific needs and circumstances.

Ultimately an intervention serves as an opportunity to interrupt individuals destructive patterns and identify potential long term solutions that support both healing and growth. Here are the four types of typical intervention:

Simple- Single person faces the identified client, with pre-developed coaching from TFC interventionist and predetermined placement options.

Classical- Incorporates everyone close to the identified client for a planning session that includes counsel and education for all of those present.

Family System- Occurs when multiple people in a system suffer from addiction/mental health, co-dependency or conflict.

Crisis- An immediate stabilization of the current situation in order to optimize safety.

Comprehensive Care Management/ Coaching

“Let us guide the course while the family and client focus on getting better.”

Navigating the treatment process and highly fragmented treatment space can often times be a challenging obstacle for families and individuals searching for solutions. Terra Firma offers decades of experience in order to streamline this for both the identified client and their respective family system. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support through all the levels of care, always meeting the client exactly where they are at emotionally.

The treatment experience can change over the course any particular episode, therefore an adaptive model of care management and Coaching best suits optimal outcomes. Care management and Coaching can include one, or multiple of the following service:

  • Identifying and implementing comprehensive individualized care plan and treatment strategy.
  • Coordination of providers through established clinical support.
  • Family systems work and conflict coaching.
  • Direct, face to face contact with identified client establishing and reinforcing clear recovery plan goals.
  • Substance and medication monitoring.
  • Ancillary support introduction and application.
  • Development of real-world life skills and goals.
  • Service opportunities and community involvement.
  • Monthly progress report.

Recovery Support/ Transport:

Terra Firma provides recovery support services for clients in need one-to-one direct support. All of our recovery support specialists are trained and vetted professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to healthy boundaries and ethics in the field. Added support can make a major difference in a identified client’s continued recovery, especially when faced with challenging and or uncommon activities.

Recovery Support is a strong safeguard for:

       Recovery Support is a strong safeguard for:

  • Initial travel to a treatment location.
  • Short or long-distance travel outside of a clients home environment.
  • Attendance at personal or professional events where mitigating factors are present.
  • Attendance for legal commitments or court appearances.
  • Individuals in need of greater direct oversight and hands-on accountability from home.


Added measures of accountability can provide a beneficial difference in the on-going abstinence and success of a client of a client. Terra Firma provides stand-alone monitoring services for clients looking for a level of oversight and structure for remaining abstinent from substances during the initial stages of recovery. Whether for personal, professional or legal circumstances, on-going monitoring can provide documented proof that a client is remaining drug and/or alcohol free. For families of a client, this measure of accountability can provide added reassurance and aide the growth of trust between the family and the client.

• Requested blood, hair and/or saliva testing through a providing laboratory facility
• SoberLink Device implementation, scheduling and management (SoberLink is a cellularly connected breathalyzer)
• Medication management and accountability (psychiatric and/or narcotic medications primarily)


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